Our Preparedness Journey

What’s prepping?  Although we’ve long had an interest in many of the skills and topics  that fall under the category of prepping (gardening, hunting, cooking from scratch, etc.), it’s been less than a year since my husband and I were introduced to the term and set out to intentionally develop skills and accumulate supplies that would help us become more self-reliant and better prepared.

Prepared for what?  What first came to mind when I thought about “emergency preparedness” were large-scale events like hurricanes, pandemics or terrorist attacks.  While  natural and man-made crises are definitely important reasons to be prepared, I’ve learned that more personal concerns like job loss, sickness, local power outages, and even positive events (like the birth of a child) can also create a need for preparation .  I’ve also found that being more prepared makes everyday life run more smoothly.  It’s always helpful to have a house stocked with groceries and essentials, and buying items in bulk or stockpiling with coupons means that we are always getting our groceries at the best possible prices. Developing the skills of preparedness–cooking from scratch, first aid training, fishing, hunting, herbal medicine, wildcrafting, gardening, etc–is very empowering, has helped us live a healthier lifestyle, and has given our family a lot of fun experiences and mutual interests.

Where to begin?  Actually setting about to get prepared can be a daunting task.  I immediately had dozens of to-do, to-buy, and to-learn lists in my mind, and I continue to feel overwhelmed at times.  Of course, nobody can ever be completely prepared for every possible situation, and there are some situations for which we can’t prepare at all.  I guess it’s just important to remember that it’s a journey so I’m trying to set small goals and keep working away at it.

What’s my motivation?  One important thing I keep coming back to is the heart and purpose behind my prepping.  I can easily be motived by fear of the potential dangers and uncertainties in this world.   Fear can prompt me to be controlling, attempting to manage my life and family in such a way as to prevent any bad thing from ever happening.  Although fear can have value in getting my attention and moving me to take action, I don’t want it to be the reason for what I do.  I know that fear (and the related desire to take control) are indicators that I need to call on God, rest in His provision and protection, and seek His leading.  I believe that God is leading our family to be prepared, and that that leading is part of His provision.  I believe that He intends our preparations to be part of the resposbilities He gave us in managing our household well, and that He intends us to use this part of our life as a ministry–to encourage and assists others in their preparations, and to offer help and hope in times of need.

The journey continues!  I look forward to sharing our preparedness journey through this blog and hope that I can offer some helpful resources and ideas for others in the process.  I also look forward to learning from all of you who are on this journey as well!


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  1. You’re so preppy! Love it!! Can I be like you when I grow up?? 🙂 If I ever have pantry shelves that look like yours, it will be a miracle from heaven.

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