Nature Hike

It’s amazing the number of educational objectives across the entire curriculum that can be addressed during a nature hike.  Not only is it a wonderful way to bond, relax, exercise, and enjoy the outdoors, but a myriad of concepts can be introduced, explored and reinforced through this daily routine.

To more intentionally incorporate learning opportunities into our hikes,  I made a list of early childhood objectives from our state’s Model Curriculum that could clearly be included during this time.  Sometimes we head out with a specific objective in mind, and other times I look for ways to weave in the content spontaneously.  Check out our list here:   Nature Hike Indicators



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2 responses to “Nature Hike

  1. Bekah

    OK, you are officially in charge of nature hikes for the co-op… 🙂 But not if it would be overwhelming. But just so you know, I am looking at this sheet and feeling a little intimidated, until I actually start reading, and then it seems pretty intuitive. Why do educators have to make everything so complicated? But it’s good to get some more ideas from, and great that you can decipher and utilize State curriculum, so that we can be more legit… hahaha

    • Mendy

      Can’t wait for co-op! I better get read-up on Charolotte Mason…
      Yeah, it does seem overly-complicated–when I was teaching we had to list the applicable indicators in our daily lesson plans. I’m not sure where the standards fit in with homeschooling, but it was a useful exercise at least in demonstrating just how much can be taught through simple, everyday living, especially when I’m intentional about it.

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